Pot Science: Top Marijuana Findings of 2015

by Cari Nierenberg, Live Science Contributor   |   December 29, 2015 07:35am ET
Researchers who study marijuana made a number of findings in 2015, from learning about the health effects of using the drug frequently and recreationally, to figuring out which diseases and conditions are most likely to benefit from the substance's use. The findings about marijuana that came out this year advanced the science,... Read more

Colorado Marijuana Exportation

This is a very important story and because it was done by the AP it has national reach.
The reason the black market thrives in Colorado isn't because marijuana legalization was done in an open or random way. This is the most heavily regulated industry in Colorado and I can't imagine any state doing more than has been done here. The problem...marijuana regulation... Read more

Fact Checking the Washington Post on Sentencing Reform

February 8, 2016 3:03 PM | Posted by Bill Otis | 0 Comments
The Washington Post's "fact checker" evaluated Sen. Tom Cotton's statement that the SRCA would "release thousands of violent felons."  It's analysis is here.  It concludes:
There are thousands of inmates -- 11,524, to be exact -- who would be eligible for resentencing under the Senate bill. But not all of them are convicted of a... Read more

The Incredible Shrinking Prison Population

Contrary to popular perception these days, America’s prison population is falling — dramatically. For approximately 30 years, as the nation fought back against increases in violent crime, total state and federal prison populations steadily rose. The effect was dramatic: crime rates fell to less than half of that previously. But those trends have changed demonstrably. Since 2011, the federal prison population has decreased by over... Read more

Cutting Federal Sentences: Is It Worth The Risk?

One of the biggest myths in the debate about the Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act (SRCA) is that its sentencing reductions would only apply to low-level, non-violent drug offenders. In reality, this bill significantly cuts sentences for thousands of serious drug traffickers, armed career criminals, and violent felons. Right now, there are approximately 2,360,000 individuals locked up in the United States, and only... Read more

Mens Rea: Missing the Most Important Piece of Criminal Justice Reform

Criminal justice reform is a hot issue right now. Various bills have been introduced to reduce sentences, allow prisoners to earn credit towards early release, and ease offenders’ reentry into society. Although some of these proposals have laudable goals, they all miss the most important criminal justice problem facing our country, namely, that the federal government has criminalized too much conduct and... Read more

Preserving 25 Years of Falling Crime Rates

In the past 25 years, the United States has enjoyed a steady and dramatic drop in crime. This broad-scale enhancement of public safety has reaped immeasurable benefits in terms of lives saved, strengthened communities, and economic revitalization. But the U.S. Congress may be on the verge of throwing all that progress away. The Senate is considering a bill that would impose broad and... Read more