NNOAC’s 2021 D.C. Conference Cancellation

Cancellation Letter:  DC Conference

Due to the uncertainty and the current and pending restrictions caused by the COVID-19 situation, the NNOAC Board has decided to CANCEL the upcoming NNOAC DC Delegates Conference scheduled for January 31 – February 3, 2021.

As we began our conference planning, it was apparent that getting
commitments from some of the vendors, sponsors and speakers will be difficult because of COVID concerns. In addition, the Capitol Complex and House and Senate offices are closed indefinitely, making it impossible to schedule Hill visits and many of the speakers we invite are not making public appearances in the foreseeable future due to COVID restrictions. The NNOAC Board believes that, if we cannot plan our Hill visits or confirm speakers for our meeting agenda, we just cannot accomplish the important work we need to get done during our annual NNOAC DC Conference.
COVID has also had a major impact on the hotel and conference industry
throughout the country and in Washington, DC, too. As you all know, most
associations, organizations, and agencies have had to cancel or postpone their conferences, meetings and training this year, some already into next year. At this point, we plan to move ahead with our 2022 DC Delegates Conference in Washington, DC, scheduled for Sunday, Jan 30 – Wednesday, Feb 2, 2022.

We want to assure you that throughout the COVID crisis, the NNOAC, along
with the staff at Brooks Bawden Moore is still working every day to monitor and address the many issues that, in the absence of meetings and the normal course of business, are still affecting our members. In spite of the lack of in-person meetings, conferences and the implementation of social distancing practices, we are still constantly talking and working with our partners and our associates on issues that impact you. We have not let COVID get in the way of working hard for all of you – the NNOAC is still taking care of business.

As the COVID concerns and restrictions begin to ease in the future, the
NNOAC will be prepared to schedule some meetings or briefings with staffers and elected members when necessary. We will reach out to you for your input and to join us when those opportunities arise.