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Colorado Supreme Court Rules that Federal Law Preempts Part of Colorado’s Pot Law

In this case, the supreme court considers whether article XVIII, section 14(2)(e) of the Colorado Constitution is preempted by the federal Controlled Substances Act. Section 14(2)(e) requires law enforcement officers to return medical marijuana seized from an individual later acquitted of a state drug charge. The federal Controlled Substances Act prohibits the distribution of marijuana,...
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Lessons Learned After 4 Years of Marijuana Legalization

In the wake of multi-million dollar political campaigns funded with out-of-state money, Colorado and Washington voted to legalize marijuana in November 2012. Though it would take more than a year to set up retail stores, personal use (in Colorado and Washington) and home cultivation (in Colorado, which includes giving away of up to six plants)...
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DEA Acting Administrator Rosenberg’s Letter

  August 11, 2016 Dear Governor Raimondo, Governor Inslee, and Mr. Krumm: The enclosed materials provide the legal and factual bases for our decision, in response to your petitions, regarding the rescheduling of marijuana. 1 I will get to that decision, but I will first highlight broader considerations with respect to ( 1) the law regarding drug scheduling...
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DEA Announces Actions Related to Marijuana and Industrial Hemp

  Banner WASHINGTON – The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) announced several marijuana- related actions, including actions regarding scientific research and scheduling of marijuana, as well as principles on the cultivation of industrial hemp under the Agricultural Act of 2014. DEA Publishes Responses to Two Pending Petitions to Reschedule Marijuana DEA has denied two petitions to reschedule marijuana...
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GW Pharmaceuticals Press Release

GW Pharmaceuticals issued a press release announcing important clinical news.  They recently completed a study of adjunctive Epidiolex (cannabidiol) in the treatment of drop seizures in patients with Lennox Gastaut syndrome (GWEP1423).   The press release is available in the following link for your awareness:  GW - LGS1 Press Release - FINAL The study randomized 171...
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Marijuana Legalization

Marijuana Legalization Has Led To More Use And Addiction While Illegal Market Continues To Thrive

Author: Robert L. DuPont, M.D. Posted on: 15 June 2016 It comes as no surprise that the prevalence of marijuana use has significantly increased over the last decade. With marijuana legal for recreational use in four states and the District of Columbia and for...
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