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Dear State Narcotic Officer’s Associations’ ,

The Narcotic Educational Foundation of America is proud to be kicking off our 2017 National Drug Awareness Scholarship Program.  NEFA began in 1924 and our mission, “To educate our communities and children on the dangers and consequences of drug abuse. To provide prevention information and tools to make right choices” has never changed.  NEFA is managed by the California Narcotic Officers Association and helps CNOA accomplish its mission of providing Drug Awareness education to our communities.

For decades NEFA has been giving scholarships in California to students for outstanding entries each year during October in support of the Red Ribbon message. This year NEFA is opening the door to all Narcotic Officers Association throughout the United States to join NEFA and CNOA in our first National Drug Awareness Scholarship Program.

The scholarship is divided into three categories. Poster and Essay contest, which are individual entries, and third our Video contest which can be either individual or a group effort.  One winner will be selected from each partnering state and those winners will be added as National entries.  A National winner will then be selected from each category.

The winners from the state contests will receive a $500 scholarship award in a check.  The winner from the national contest will be awarded $1,000 scholarship award in a check and possibly additional gifts.  Each entering Narcotic Officer Association has the opportunity to award their winners on behalf of NEFA and their organization.  The Association cost to join is $3,000.  Half of this will immediately come back to your winners of the contest and possibly more if they are selected as the national winner(s). This is a small cost when you look at the big picture of the educational experience for every child who participates and the message of staying drug free that will be spread throughout our schools.

Please join NEFA and CNOA this year and embrace this great opportunity for us to reach out to our communities and children to bring a positive message of drug awareness education, prevention and the importance of making healthy and right choices.


Steven Riddle

NEFA President


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